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    Ponsness warren 12ga. Press reloader for sale

    Sold pending funds

    Up for sale is a LIKE NEW Ponsness Warren Size O Matic 900 12 gauge press.
    This press came from a widow of the friend of mine. He kept it clean and lubed so it is in excellent condition. He was the kind of guy that washed and waxed his lawnmower.
    I tried loading with it and made an entire box of shells that came out perfect.
    It is set up for the following load:
    Remington Gun Club or Winchester AA hulls
    1 oz. shot
    17.2 grains of Clays
    WAA12SL 12ga wad
    and a Cheddite 209 primer.
    This recipe works great for trap or skeet and makes a shell that is about 1200fps but you can adjust this press for whatever load you want to make. This press has auto indexing so every time you raise the handle a completed shell is ejected from the press.
    The powder and shot hoppers have a 3 way valve you can set it for on, off or empty.
    It comes with the following bushings for powder, J (17.2gr.) & L (19gr.) and both a 1oz and a 1 1/8 oz. shot bushings are included.
    It has both a 6 point and 8 point crimp starter.
    The powder and shot hoppers are a little cloudy but they are still easy to see through.
    It has an automatic primer feeder tray that will hold an entire box of 209 primers and includes a spent primer catcher.
    The original instruction manual also comes with it.
    Ponsness Warren is very easy to deal with, they have a great technical assistance team that will help you with any questions.
    This press sells for $800 new but for a lot less you will have a press that will last you and your descendants for many years. The rate of loading is about 300+ shells per hour. If I didn’t already have a good 12 gauge press I would definitely be keeping this one. $550 + shipping. (shipping weight is about 45 pounds)
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