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    Let's see your tactical shotguns!

    I noticed there haven't been any posts in this forum yet. Anyone interested in tactical shotguns? I've always kept at least one in the safe, and I love shooting buckshot or slugs at steel/paper targets.

    I bought a Beretta TX4 last year, and I'm pretty happy with it. It originally came with a big front sight, like an AR, but I had a local gunsmith cut it down and install a bead site. Then I added a magazine extension, and will probably put a red dot on it.

    As it came in the box:

    Currently, with my AR-15 and M&P9MM

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    Very nice, I will post a pic of my setup once my Savage comes back from McMillan

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    Re: Let's see your tactical shotguns!


    1187 Premier, tactical latch, speed feed, Choate pistol grip stock. 8 shot tube, Magpul AFG, 6 shot side saddle, breacher choke.......

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    Re: Let's see your tactical shotguns!

    Wow nice Billet I have a Beretta 1201fp that is almost identical to that setup I will get pics later tonight and post em up. I always love having a pistol grip over a straight stock on a shotgun, just a lot better feel imo especially in the tactical stand point of things.

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